Friday, March 25, 2011

No Keys or Buttons ..Help #2

So my last article was about how women ought to know how to do basic "man chores" in case of emergencies and all guys that read it approved and "hailed" me *yimu* ... THIS TIME ,*cracks knuckles* I will be talking about the flip side :oD

* rushing out of the house to make sure she doesn't end up in "after church traffic" on the island, Ada gives Ayo a swift kiss goodbye*

(How it should be)

Ada: I just got a call , I have to go for an emergency meeting at my office ..

Ayo: wow ..on a sunday ?

Ada: yes o .. You know how my job is .. And there are like a million other people waiting to take my job if I mess up . Ayo, please , I will need you to look after Tosin ; change her diaper when she "fills it up" , and feed her .. And rustle something up for urself to eat ... I'll owe you one....

Ayo: ofcourse babe .. Don't worry about it .. Have a great meeting . Love you

*Ada leaves*

(How it is sometimes)

Ada: I just got a call , I have to go for an emergency meeting at my office..

Ayo: wow ..on a sunday ? And on such short notice ?

Ada: yes o .. You know how my job is .. And there are like a million other people waiting to take my job if I mess up .

Ayo: *shrugs* well , i don't know how to change a diaper. And I never learnt how to mix her formula nd I've never been able to pacify her when shez upset ... Plus what am I even supposed to eat , I'm very hungry ?? ... Look , u'll have to make food for me before you leave and feed Tosin and change her diaper ... They should understand if u r late .. They dint give you enough time to get a nanny for the day ..

Please guys, do you honestly think this is acceptable .. Really ? .. How can a woman be married to a man and not be able to leave him with THEIR child for ONE day .. How can you be a father and not know how to take care of ur own child / children

What kind of man doesn't have the decency to know how to make food .. Atleast basic things ...women are not machines, neither are they your domestic servants .. Women need breaks ..once in a while , be kind and reasonable, let ur woman chill .. its hard holding down a 9-5, taking care of kids and an overgrown child that u r married to, cooking , cleaning and still having to look good for that overgrown baby. ..

I will DEFINITELY not marry a man that thinks a chopping board is the cover of a rectangular pot ... NO girl wants to marry a man that can't do basic "woman chores".. Standing there looking like a dosgbe at my crying child and trying to find the key or button to pacify him /her .. So guys, if u don't know how to now, plz learn .. It wld mean a lot to your future wives ....

Anyone with comments or opposing views can make them known.


  1. Nice one Nike. This is all we ask. Although I can't help but notice how all the guys who were hailing u on the previous post are nowhere to be found. Where are you?!?! Come out and like this post! Or u think its not ur duty to be able to change ur kids daipers? Eyin oni double standards....
    I'm waiting oh!

  2. LMAO!!!! Na wa...guys like to be one track minded and defend it with the weak fact that they are indeed guys...nd so dont have time to be doing all these things.

    I dont think its acceptable...if a guy cant make out time...from an already free day to do some of the stuff the wife would have been doing.

    Then like to lord their position in the home more often than not. Wetin woman fit do :(

  3. Yes Nike!! #gbam #gbam #gbam and #gbam!!!
    Lord knows I can't even put up with such guys as boyfriends, let alone husbands. God forbid
    One of my favorite cousins (unfortunately) is just like that! I can't I just can't. Its difficult even living with him.
    M all for women knowing how to do all chores, infact, learning how to pull gen is the only thing left that I can't do in the house. B-)
    But men too, you guys need to step up!!!

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I totally agree. I actually hope that, women try to keep their male children in the kitchen at a younger age before they grow up and act all "I'm a man" sort of way. That way, all this won't really happen you know.

  5. @Jermaine .I love that u don't have double standards .. God bless you .. And that's a great idea

    @Ekene and @mizzAina :o) .. Glad I could speak for the females :o) ..and its true that most of the dudes that were loving the last article aren't saying anything about this ...loool

  6. nice one darl...hope my husband doesnt fit into the dosgbe role...(im still laffin)

    wife of domestic terrorist (wink)