Sunday, December 26, 2010

who is smiling?

So the recent expression on everyones lips is "Girls / Boys are not smiling" ... Na wa o .. I have not spent 18 + years frowning under Lagos and Ghanaian sun to still not be smiling at this point ..

Girls ought to be smiling, I mean they've got a lot of stress-free ways to cover up their flaws .. The "big" ones have body magic ( the ultimate 'suck belle' suit of armour that instantly renders the stomach 'tyres' invisible) ..
For the ones with short or damaged hair, therz all sorts of Brazilian and Mongolian weaves and wigs
Ugly nails ? Fix the fake stick-on ones and even design 'em for that extra "wow factor"
Short ? Wear high-heeled shoes ..not just anyone , the ones with platforms in them ( the person that created /invented platform heels is going to heaven ... This is not up for discussion)
Horrible skin ? Foundation , concealer , powder .. All sorts of covering-agents are available.. Don't go all Eucharia Anoboi on us tho #GodWillBeatYouWithAStick Eucharia is enough for the world... Maybe even one too many
Flat boobs ? Get implants ..silicone injections or a wonderful wonder-bra ... No bum? Get "padded panties" or u could go all. Nicki Minaj on us and go under the knife...

So girls really , u have no reason to not smile u can cover up your "ugly" ;o) and deceive your dream guy into falling for you -_-

Guys ought to be smiling too , i mean, word on the streets is some girls are "giving it up" for #10,000 and BlackBerries ... Un-attractive guys officially have a shot at getting laid ... Whoop whoop !!! -_- ..if certainty of getting laid isn't a gd reason for a guy to smile, I dunno what is .

But really though, on a more serious note, if u r able to read this post, u have a reason to smile, u r alive ... A lot of people slept just like u did last night and didn't wake up ... U have ur friends and/or family to be thankful for .. God has given u the opportunity to make better use of your life, He has given u he chance to ask for forgiveness for your sins ... If that's not a reason to smile, I don't know what is ....

Happy boxing day peoplez and remember , you have a reason to smile ^_^