Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi guys .. will be blogging about sight today (not literal sight) .. fore sight and hind sight is what i mean ... Basically, never forgetting where you are coming from and where you plan on reaching in life.

Human beings have the tendency to forget where they are coming from and No I don’t mean that literally; They forget their morals and upbringing... the values their parents preached and tried to instil in them while growing up. We should make it a point never to do that because it is our past that gives way to our present ; makes us who we are; teaches us the lessons (through mistakes) that we use to survive now ; is the source of our inspiration and motivation for the future ultimately. Its so funny how we all laugh or disregard when our parents keep saying “Remember the child of whom you are” but its really important.. its all part of never forgetting where u are from... you must remember all the decisions you made and subsequent consequences so they can help u make better ones now and in the future.

A TYPICAL illustration is that of the girl or guy brought up in a well to do home with a loving an supportive family .. parents who strive to provide the best for him/ her and then when they move into the university, they join the “in crowd” and do things they know their parents wont approve of to belong and be cool.... and end up (in the case of the girl ) getting pregnant / failing in school / getting a disease/ raped / even killed (in the case of guys) stealing to keep up appearances/ failing in school/ becoming a drug addict / a cult/gang member. Excuse my language but THAT SHIT IS NOT COOL... its just unfair on the parents and evil of the child and shows un-appreciativeness of Gods gift of life to them. Please don’t end up in this category .. it doesn’t take much to get carried away and the worst thing you can do to yourself is get into a horrible situation and all you can say is “HAD I KNOWN”.. you cant undo what you’ve done so all that one is FIRST CLASS JONZING .

Never lose focus of what you’ve got planned ahead for yourself as well.. we cant measure how far we’ve come in life if we have no goal(s) to attain. Plus it feels good when u wake up each day and know you are on the right track to becoming what you want to be... one step closer to being fulfilled and it makes life more straight forward in general. 

I’m sorry this is late.. I hope you gained something no matter how little.. comments are very welcome ^_^ xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ps and Qs

Hi  will be blogging about manners today. “P’s and q’s” (in case you don’t know stands for please and thank you). Our generation seems to have neglected common curtsey and its power to make things happen in our lives. I for one dare not try that crap out because of the type of home I’m from (proper Yoruba) you’d better find your self on your knees while greeting your mum’s elder cousin’s husband’s brother ... yep! (no matter what you’ve got on ... which is why i don’t wear white to family events) and you had better be smiling while you’re at it too; and if the dude is cool, he just might give you “money for credit” to the tune of N5000 .. yeah , credit right... I’d start envisaging my next weave and how much it costs (just saying).

People don’t seem to realise the power of Ps and Qs.... Let me give you a real life scenario..:
Uncle Sheriff (my dad’s former driver) had such a bad attitude .. the guy could beg you for something and it would sound like he wants to hit you . He used to pick me up from school and being the only female child and having no maid in the house, I am responsible for giving him food. On days that he didn’t deem it fit to speak to me properly , his portion of food would mysteriously shrink and half of his meat would have gone for a stroll .. I think Uncle sheriff realised what was going on and as a sharp guy who doesn’t play with his stomach started acting right .. saying please and thank you and we got along just fine ..

Frankly I don’t care how old you are or what your daddy owns or where you are coming from , respect begets respect .. You shouldn’t be polite just to your elders or people who you know can help you. The little 8 year old boy you shouted at to pass you the “GQ” magazine at “XYZ” fashion oriented company could be the ONLY son of the executive director of the company and might just tell his dad not to hire you because you mistreated him. Make it a point in your life to speak to people properly because the world is small, every one knows every one , there is the 6 degrees rule (which states that everyone in the world is connected by at most 6 people i.e. there is some body that knows somebody... that knows you) and you never know how the story of how well mannered you are will spread round .

I’m not saying be a push over ...NO!! .. Please know when to refuse people.. that is also very important in life because people will “try to ride you” if they’re given the opportunity.. so be wise ... be polite and well mannered but be no one’s push over. Don’t be rude in the name of refusing people either though, learn to be diplomatic about how to turn people down.. its very important. Read books on the art of speech and how to communicate with people .. this will be a great help.

I’m sorry this post is late and i hope you gained something from it . Please leave comments and suggestions. Thank you ^_^.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Discoveries, Honing and The Unknown

Hi guys .. I’m back and I’ll be blogging about talents today . So we all know we are good at something .. for some its drawing, singing, dancing, photography, acting .. it goes on and on. But then “what our TALENT is” is what eludes us.. for whatever the gift is to truly be a talent, we must be exceptionally good at it . But this is where we have a misconception.. we forget that this gift is like a diamond in the rough , like crude natural resources .. we expect it to be all “pretty and shinny” when we discover it .. But that is not how it works.. when a natural ability is discovered, it should be nurtured and honed.. worked-on ..only then will it be “pretty and shiny” and can truly be called a talent.

Loads of times, people pass through life without finding their talents.. this is sad and a waste of the gift God has bestowed upon them. These people may not necessarily be the ones to blame for not discovering their talents; because honestly, different generations/eras accept different things as talents . Photography became accepted as an actual talent just of recent .. I’m sure it was not so in our grandparents time .. most couldn’t afford cameras and could therefore not even have known if they’d be good at capturing the world through camera lens. Don’t even get me started on make-up . even some today scoff when I say i want to hone my make-up skills .. i just laugh at their ignorance .. i could bet their mouths would shut if they saw the pay cheques of make up artists; they’d probably take make-up classes as well.
At some point in our lives, we all sit and think “ what am i going to do with my life?” and the answer to that question certainly does not come easy .. and even when we conclude that we want to be doctors, lawyers, engineers etc , we discover that the path to achieving those things is full of hardship and sacrifices and of course as humans, we start to look for an easy way out.. a straight forward path . WAKE UP CALL there is no such thing ..nothing in life (well nothing good) comes easy.. even the easiest-seeming things are hard to come by . The only thing we can do to make our journeys through life more bearable is to do something we like/are good at.

Its just lucky that some peoples’ talents can be their sole source of income in this era ... take a look a Chris Rock.. If I were that funny, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article; Christiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton(never been quite sure what her talent is ).. Victoria Beckham (singing definitely is not her talent.... but she IS rich and famous). If your talent puts you in this category of people( i.e. people with really well paying CAREERS), then praise God and do not rub it in the faces of those who are clueless as to what their talents are because #ThatMightGetYouSlapped.

You might think you are the only one that wakes up on some days and just questions the direction in which they are headed; fret not for you do not tread the path of the unknown alone. Here is something you should always think about when you really start getting worried: all those times you got into really big TROUBLE and you could have sworn that your life had ended all those times .. you have some how managed to move past those incidents and they are all just memories now and you are the wiser for them; things just seem to work themselves out as long as you take them one step at a time.

Don’t forget , if you are even remotely good at some thing, try improving your skills at whatever it is and it just might turn out to be your talent. If not #NaTohCrashBeDat.

Hope u enjoyed this article. Did it in a bit of a rush though *embarrassed* ; comments are very much welcome ^_^. X