Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No key or Button ..Help!

It has been brought to my attention that I am rather tyrannical when expressing my opinion in my articles ..so I'm going to "leave space" for people to voice out their own opinions

This post is inspired by an article I read on "domesticity" and the comments people made.

*PHCN strikes .. The husband is in traffic on his way back home from a long day at the office. Ada is right in the middle of making dinner*

How it should be:
Ada: "curse u PHCN" ... * eyes adjusting to the darkness as she fumbles around looking for the flashlight on the shelf*... "Aha! Got it !" * goes to the generator house , checks to see the amount of fuel in it and turns it on*
Ayo comes back to a nice hot meal prepared by his loving wife

How it is (sometimes):
Ada: well this is just too bad ... I told Ayo countless times to either buy an inverter or a stand-by generator mschewwww *groping around in the dark looking for her phone .. Dials Ayo's number* .. Hello , pumpkin pie. How're you

Ayo: *phone rings .. He looks at the caller I.d ..wonder what she wants to complain about now* Hi babe ..I'll be fine as soon as I get home . Wats up

Ada: err , therz no light and I havnt finished makind ur food... And u know I don't know how to operate the generator.. So should I wait for u to get back and turn it on so I can finish cooking ur rice in the rice cooker and frying ur dodo in the deep fryer ? Or will u branch at tantalizers and just buy meat pie or something ?

Plz, be objective (esp the women) do you think it is really acceptable to not be able to do the most basic "guy chores" around the house ? .. Some women don't even know how to change bulbs .. They'll probably try to fit a screw-on bulb in place of those clip ones *smh* .. Sad but true

Some women act all crazy when guys say they ought to be able to do these things.. They're like " what does he mean by that ehn ? If he wants superwoman, he too should be superman and cook and clean and feed and bathe the kids" ... Personally , I don't think this is right ... I'm not saying that if PHCN strikes and u r both home, he shld put his feet up and send u to turn on the generator, that is just the height of stupidity ; but I think women shld know how to do basic "man chores" around the house ... In case of emergencies

The same way women like to come home to a cooked meal sometimes, men also like women that know how to do some basic "guy chores" ...

What say you ?


  1. I say, on point! And hopefully a lot of women read this

  2. Thank u Jermaine :o)

  3. Thank you Sanmi .. hmm this one that u dnt hve any bad thing to say, the world really is coming to an end :ol

  4. coming from a female...i'm impressed...very well said *nike tick*

  5. Lool @ *nike tick* .. thank you very much ^_^

  6. Makes sense, it annoys me to see a woman who can't do something as mundane as turning on a gen or screwing in a light bulb. But picture this; remember reading something similar recently- Wife is stuck in traffic at 9:30pm after a gruelling meeting at the office, finally makes it home by 1o:45pm. With shoulders stoopidly stooped from all the stress of the day,feet dragging she walks in. sees her husband on d couch engrossed in soccer reruns or prison break... "Hey baby I'm home *pecks him* gruelling day at work, so sorry I'm late" husband, only half regarding her "aww that's ok babe, glad u'r home. Just make my eba portion very small, its late and I shouldn't eat too much..."
    Now isn't it only fair that the guy be able to rustle up some eba or rice once in a while?? Surely he shouldn't expect her to be able to "ro eba" after the day she's had.
    I do agree with u, its good for women to know how to do the basic guy stuff but similar expectations shd be made of the men as well...

    Fini :)

  7. yes o !!!! i agree with u MizzAina totally.. this is not one sided ... MEN !!!! plz .. have the decency to be able to make atleast basic food .. we are not ur slaves .. we are nt robots .. pls from time to time, just make ur own food .. thank you. It also wouldnt hurt if u decide to cook for ur spouse once in a while too , u ont know how much she'll appreciate it ...

    Thanx MizzAina :o)

  8. Kindly insert the words 'and look like Nikki Minaj at all times' immediately after the words 'guy chores' appearing on the 3rd line of the 8th paragraph (and in all other places the aforementioned words may appear).


    Lol. Nice one

  9. LOOOOL @Akin_d ... u r so silly .. thank u tho :o*

  10. I come from a household where I'm the only female child. Weirdly enough, my dad makes me do everything. Lock the doors, swirch off lights, turn on gen if the gateman is nowhere to be found etc. Granted our gen is the switch type but still.....before I used to complain but now I've come to appreciate being able to do these little things. My bulb changing skills are worthy of envy but then I'm an electrical engineer so that's only natural :).

  11. No one said that women shouldn't be able to perform basic survival activities. The problem with the BN article was just the way it was written. It was one-sided & very chaunistic. Esp in d examples he gave. I come from a home full of women & no man. We do everything ourselves (well, apart from changing d gas. What's d purpose of a gas man then?). D qst is this, if d woman has to travel when d nanny isn't home, can she trust her husband to take care of himself & d kid (s)? So we should make this very fair. If a woman can't do it, he should teach her & she would do it herself the next time. There are women that work in & some even run high-powered corporations. Come on, what's in turning on a generator?

  12. 1000% on point, & the women who think of themselves as weak, it jux gets to me, article is totally on point

  13. This is just one side of the coin Damisola, I'll blog about the other side next time .. I totally get ur point . Thank you for ur contribution :oD

    Thank you Daniel :oD