Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures for previous post ^_^

seeing as im just getting the hang of this , you'll have to forgive me for posting this pictures after the actual article *embarrassed*. So one is of "friends" and the other (adorable if i do say so myself) one is of siblings ^_^


Hi evreryone .. so this is my first proper post and today, i will be blogging about friendships, bonds, close ties and alliances..Who we ought to put our trust in and call out true friends.
From the dawn of time, relationships and alliances have been formed .. most of them imperfect.I shall be using some of the below stated relationships as case studies in this article. Take a look at
• Adam and Eve .. that relationship brought us to this point in life. That relationship is the reason it hurts to procreate ...please take note of how a bad relationship can take its toll on people other than those actually involved in it..Please can some1 tell me why oh why! Adam ate the forbidden fruit .. I mean .. no matter how good Eves “toto” was, that dint justify being such a mugu. That was like the one thing they weren’t meant to do and they just had to do it . smh . Thanks a lot guys
Lets also take a look at
• Cain and Abel .. siblings... one killed the other out of jelousy. I mean you might wana kill a dude buh ur brother ?! FINE ! You might want to kill your brother (i know i’ve wanted to loads of times) buh you don’t go out and actually do it .. c’mon son.

• I don’t have a solid biblical/historical documentation of an alliance that screwed one of the parties over .. BUT ! you cant tell me you haven’t seen it with your own two ‘koro koro’ eyes and if you claim that you havnt then u need VISINE in ur life .. stat!. We all know this story .. Temi confided in Tolu about Toyin having an STD .. { Temi accidentally stumbled on the Lab report while looking for one sleek eye shadow palate} Tolu tells Simi one day when she is telling her about he failing retationship wv Seye (grief being the variant) .. don’t ask me how Toyin’s ‘erogenous craw craw’ came up... and so the gist spreads on and on .. now Toyinz nyash is open and she is being stigmatized against... she is beginning to consider suicide as a way out. :(

No man is an Island , man by nature is gregarious .. we need friends relationships and alliances to survive but lets make sure its with the right people. Im not saying be a snob. ... I 4-1 (englands loss ..hehe #kbye) have loads of acquaintances and talk to loads of people but have very few friends.

I believe that siblings should be our primary friends .. blood is thicker than water (me i don’t know what possessed cain sha) .. form strong bonds wv ur siblings as they are less likely to screw u over. Have few friends .. by friends , i mean people who u can tell ur secrets and be be ur true self with.... not the babe/ dude u buzz only when its time to party or you wana dubb an assignment frm ‘em. If you cannot see who your true friends are, i suggest visine, chloraphencol and ice cold water (mix ‘em in a bath an jump in) .. maybe ur eye will clear after. Your friends are like make-up/ rililili gud plastic surgery .. theyr supposed to enhance the beauty and greatness in you .. make you better and not dull your shine.

Now what you may ask, is this ‘variant’ .. this variant as i have named it is a metaphor for whatever condition lowers ur guard down and makes u enter bad relationships and trust the wrong people. Variants range from Alcohol, early/mid/late life crisis, hormones, momentary lapse of common sense, menstrual period (yes, that one sef dey), weed/mary J / speed/ ecstacy, even grief (sad but true) . I can only urge you to try as much as possible to avoid these variants when ur about to enter a relationship or else “fowl nyash go open” (you being the fowl).

Hope you enjoyed ths and gained a little sumfink... plz leave comments . Thenx. xx

Monday, June 28, 2010

First post

so .. im sure i'll get the hang of this soon enuf.. this blog is supposed to be an avenue for not just for me buh for erri1 that wants to to voice out/ vent the day to day struggles that we as teenagers, growing individuals, students, young entrepreneurs, dreamers etc face and how we've managed to over come them .. But on a light note.

I hope ths makes sense nd u enjoy it. :). xx