Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Let me start by saying , mummy and daddy , this isn't one of my wisdom or morally inclined blog posts so errr, you can stop reading here (I know mummy will continue tho) :ol ... O yh, Izien inspired this post

So summer 2011 is right round the corner !!! Whoop whoop ! I can whoop about it because i have sure "P" .. All of you that whooped too chop hi5 , I know u whooped because you have set your own P ... Because I'm pretty sure my mother is reading this, P and some other words will not be defined just try to keep up.

#1. Where to scout for ur P

In the old times, the long long ago , yes, 2 years ago, facebook was the place to scout for ur P , everyone was on it ; well, everyone cool . But now literally EVERYONE is on it ...including my mother (yes mummy, I know you are still reading).. Now all the cool kids have moved on to twitter where they display their beauty via their avatars and their brains via their 'witty and hilarious' tweets ...

You, yes you, I know you ff'd him because he looked cute in his avatar; and you because someone tweeted that she has a bountiful behind you checked out her profile and followed her ... You don't have to be ashamed , *in Don Jazzy's voice* NOW IS THE TIME to follow who u wana set P with. ..
So now that u've followed him/her and have gotten him/her to follow you back by RT 'ing their tweets and adding funny remarks (after racking ur brain) to their tweets ; you can now start exchanging DMs and "casually" suggest that you "take this convo to bbm or som'n" (das right, you have to play it cool .. You can even blame MTN) " this DM'ing is a long thing and MTN is just messing up so its taking ages to send" ;)

*Eva lordiah's voice* completed the 1st stage of P setting, you don did it B^) .. I'm pretty sure I don't have to coach you on what to say ... If you do need coaching, thers an app for that .. #RamYourHeadIntoABrickWall :ol

#2 How To Induce the person

You must display ur "coolness" , never put up razz pictures as your DP .. Just the fresh ones (you can send it to a close friend of the opposite sex to confirm its degree of hotness just to be certain ) ...
Although we all like the cowbell oyoyoyoyoyo jingle and we jam to it on the 'regz'. (Well I do) , you might wana reduce how often you listen to it ( if u display what you are listening to on bbm or just "un display" what you are listening to ) .. Razz is kind of the new cool (blame Jenifa) but you don't wana scare away ur prospective P now do you ?

Talk about all the cool , fun and crazy stuff you do / are into .. Make sure you have a lot of things in common (yes, I mean stalk the person, find out what they like to do and exaggerate the number of times you do 'em too /like 'em ) .. Complement them and all that "sweet nothings" stuff but on NO account should you come right out and say "hey, I wanna set P" .. When you meet at one of the many places you guys 'surprisingly' both frequent ;), let things flow and the after the "first FLOW" of things, you can then say its nothing serious and present all the disclaimers you have. (You may contact me to draw up legal documents to aid you in this department ; it'll cost you tho)

Part of inducing 'em is dressing properly .. Get a hair cut or your hair done ; don't dress like you are colour and style blind, this will surely end the P .. Everyone wants a presentable looking P .. Purchase new perfume for the summer if you have to so you'll have a signature smell (I thiunk signature smells are cool)

#3 Enjoy yourself !! (Sensibly ofcourse ; we don't want you drinking, ' getting knowledge'. And racing on 3rd mainland bridge x_x)

*B.I.G's voice* follow these rules and you'll have a nice time this summer ... Actually , I'm not an expert on P setting but this should help out ... Anyone with extra pointers and comments can make 'em known .

Love you mum (yes I know you read it up to this point) :*


  1. A groupie for my little sister, ashamed I am. Also, STOP READING MY DMs. Love, Tunji.

  2. What about, if P = Somewhere at the South pole. & U = Somewhere at the North pole. -____________-

  3. @Tunji .. Awwwww *wipes tear* and I pLomise to stop :ol

    @Jermaine why would u set that kind of P naww .. Sharply set another one before its too lat

  4. Ms. Palava; If u have 2 'P's is it cheating on d first 'P'?

  5. Lol, nice 1.. DM me ur pin make we set our own P. lmaoo...*Kpas* *Kpas* *Kpas*

  6. Lool..i refrain from setting P on twitter..but iriz tempting for sho'

  7. I just love this babe.

  8. @ proverse , well the point of "P" is that its not seriois seeing as y'all will return to the real world after summer ... There are however are times when you catch feelings and one of ur Ps catches feelings, in such a case it would be unfair to keep ur second P ...I think ..someone else can help me out with this answer

    @Anonymous1 I have set my own P ;o) ..I can help u set with someone else tho :oD

    @Anonymous2 pele ..I can imagine

    @Tunde I love you too

    Thanx for the comments guys

  9. haha oya mspalava, what are the ''fun and crazy stuff you do / are into'' make me sef begin dey set up my own p. lool

  10. I just unchecked the "show what I'm listening to" box on my bbm... Hope it'll lead to more successful P setting?

  11. @anonymous looool .. I've already set my own ..I can help u set with someone else tho

    @chiji if you jam the oyoyoyoyoyo jinhgle as much as I do , then yes

  12.!!..m lykin tho..nwz, iwud lyk 2 add dt most P's lead 2 lotta controversies after a lil background chec on ur "P" wont b a badt idea *evil grin* #jusSayin :D

  13. @proverse: nope,ts nt cheatin.. d whole idea of ds "P" fin is 2 xplore n haf fun 2 waheva lenght u can..on no account should feelins b attached!..c'mon!..ts cald "p" nt "L" buhahaha :D

  14. iwud lyk 2 add dt...due 2 ma bzi schedule...haf nt bin able 2 set ny "P".. so jus incase u wanna.. hit me up on twirra @Mscalientez *wink*

  15. Looool Moji !! U heard/ read her guys .. @mscalientez is looking for P the words of our very own young Nigerian Lumberjack "Don't dull" (if u don't get it don't worry just have a cup of tea c(__)

    And yh, u shld do a background check on ur P incase feelings get caught

  16. when you are setting P,you have to confirm the location of your target before you proceed..After all you silk moves, you dont wanna find out she's gonna be in iran or somalia throughout summer do you?.