Monday, April 11, 2011

personal space

You know how most of my articles although humorous (as I've been told *side eye at bad belle people *cough* Sanmi*cough*) always have some moral / deep message .. Well , I don't want to do that this time .. Or atleast the message won't be a deep one. I think I'll just rant about personal space.

For those of you who for some unbelievable/ unacceptable reason don't know what personal space is ... Infact I don't believe some people don't know what this is so I'ma just skip the explanation ..

standing on a queue waiting to use the atm .. As a reasonable human being , u maintain a certain distance between yourself and the person infront of you .. And then M (M for moron) joins the queue behind you .. And by behind you, I mean "half-a-foot-step" behind you .. I mean "if-you-sneeze-your-head-might-accidentally-hit-M" behind you .... Why oh why would someone do this ? I don't understand !! If I understood, I'd probably beat myself into a coma because this is not the kind of behaviour a reasonable human being should understand -_-

You are sitting quietly reading an interesting novel /blog post :D and someone walks up to you for the first time and as they talk to you asking all sorts of irrelevant nonsense (might I add that they are unattractive and smell that they've been packed in a car full of sweaty people like "sandine") they keep touching you ... This might not seem bad but it drives me crazy !!! I hate being touched unnecessarily not to talk of being touched by such a person.. All I'd be thinking is "is there a way I can cut ur hand off and make it look like an accident ?"

Also can't stand random people who stare at what you are doing (typing/ tweeting/ looking at pictures) on your phone and then pass comments ... COME ON !!! Its bad enough that I can feel ur unwanted gaze you are even commenting ?!?!?! What is wrong with you ? Would u like a good old fashioned "Holy water and broom" deliverance ? *hisses shortly 3 times and taps head* this is one of the most annoying things someone can do to me without physical contact .

This final scenario might be a SUB and it might not .. Please young men (and women too) know when a young lady doesn't not want you to come to her room ... I "jeje-ly" set out on my own WITH MY EARPHONES IN MY EARS to buy credit and return to my room in peace saw me on my way back , I sed a quick hello (not removing the earphones from my ears HINT HINT) and break into a brisk walk trying to get away from you but Noooooooo you take it upon urself to jog after me and walk me right into my room without my invitation .... Why ?! Why?! Why?! Why would you do this ?! Like really ?! ..please, if someone does not invite you to their place of residence , do not take it upon yourself to form friendship and keep them company.. If they want your company, they will ask for it

Guess I'll wrap it up now .. This is the end of my rant .. Anyone with other personal space scenarios or comments should make 'em known. :)


  1. "All I'd be thinking is "is there a way I can cut ur hand off and make it look like an accident ?" " <---- hahahahaha someone has vexed Nike oh...

  2. Lmao! I feel your pain.
    I on the other hand, don't worry about such issues that much. I mean, if you're a girl and you push up on me like that, ah well.... Let's end it here jor.

  3. @tools mehnn ..u don't even understand .. Girls suffer this nonsense the most
    @jermaine .. Looool .. I can imagine *sprinkles Holy water*

  4. 1) how about puttin on ur laptop..and just wen u leave to get sumthing..u come back 2 meet some mofo using it..tryin to check her facebook pokes.

    2) ur havin a private conversation with som1 and just den..anoda bored 'socialite' feels u mite fancy a 3some and sits with u guys..

    and finally...

    3) gettin interrupted when ur trying to make a point.

    These things piss d livin hell outta me.


  6. Lol..such people dont annoy me o..It's just amusing to meet someone who is soo adept at being gauche.

  7. @joey I really hate the laptop one
    @pisces ;o) thanx B
    @Anonymous ..oyinbo e po -_- .but I get u.

    Thanx for commenting guys :)

  8. "adept at being gauche"... i'm gettin' you

  9. Lol,I just can't. But wat is wrong with paying u a visit

  10. therz nothing wrong if you are a wanted visitor

  11. *I think you need cough syrup ohh lmao. Why is my name being mentioned here. -_-

    Nike when I am in your personal space always make sure to look in my eyes so u can see the subtle message I am trying to pass accross. :D
    Yoy get me??

  12. There's this guy at my office that lovvvvess to stick his head into my laptop anytime he sees me on it.. at first i just grind my teeth and clench my fist till he leaves.. but the day came when i slammed shut the laptop lid and asked him "what tha fuck, do u always do this for?" .. he almost cried..
    but moral of the story, for personal space sometimes you have to sacrifice your mr.niceguy attitude..

  13. Now this is a very serious mata I swear. Its so anoying wen ppls dnt respect demselvz n invade d space. But I blame d upbringin sha cuz it almost logic/sens not 2do stuff lik that.
    The que thin pisses me off also (unles shez a babe rubbin up on me sha :D)
    I do d earphones thin a lot actually even wen am not listenin2anythin cuz it comz in reali handy,
    But 1 thin av learnt is ur space is UR space n if sum1 entas it U hav d ryt 2tel them 2 fuk off so lik @ricdizzle sed free d Mr niceguy attitude n "shoot the mofo down"

  14. I feel ladies' pain when these things happen to them especially the fine ones. Its bound to happen b'cos of some certain type of boys.
    The one that's unacceptable is peeping into someone's phone, novel, lappy etc. I've told myself that anytime an M peeps into my phone, I'll just play porn. Let's see if he/she will watch on.

  15. @ric loooool pooor dude .. Yh , sometimes , the nice gug attitude has to be dropped kuz this is too annoying . Thank u for commenting

    @Moh loool @ upbringing *rolling* .. Thank u for commenting :o*

    @2nde .. All I can say is .. So you have porn on ur phone ...hmmmmnnmmmmnn *side eye* .. Enjoy ya sef :oD

  16. i don't actually... but its doesn't take anything to download nau

  17. 'adept at being gauche'..hmmm.thank God for google. X_X ..

  18. so so true!...totally on seriously,pple could be dull-witted at times. i especially love this post. good work!