Friday, November 19, 2010

How Old Are You

Everyone says age is nothing but a number .. Well I don't agree wv 'em because I for one have no plans to marry someone that's less than 5 years older than I am ...because women tend to end up ageing looks-wise faster than men .. And I don't want to go out wv my husband and everyone'll keep asking me when I became a sugar mummy

I will however agree that age is not an indicator of common sense .. Many a time have I met people old enough to be my parents making statements that even my 12 year old cousin won't make .. A full grown woman said " I want my daughter to graduate with a 2'1 (second class upper) so that people will carry her brief case and she will "ride" big cars " #pause .. Are your brain cells drying with age or something ..u couldn't say so she'll be an independent and successful woman well equipped to face the challenges life throws at her ??

Neither is age an indicator of academic brilliance ..I'm sure we all have (or even are) that one person in our class/ faculty that we are 100% sure used a "fat brown envelope" to get in ... Well, my envelope person is a not-so-attractive girl (there are loads of 'em in my class so abeg if u think its u, it might not be :o) ) in my class. ...who doesn't have an eye for fashion (also plenty in my class) .. I am a law student and you might wonder how someone could possibly mess up "white shirt with a black skirt" .. Well you'd be surprised to say the least.

To be perfectly honest, age is not really indicated by one's outward appearance .. I look younger than some people older than me and some people older than me look younger than I do ( my brother whoz 3 years older than I am)... At family functions: "Nike how is your baby brother" ..and I'm just there smiling because I try not to correct people above 60 because they don't really register what you tell 'em

Age is not an indicator of experience either .. One cannot begin to imagine the horrors and violence some 8 year olds have seen because of their environment that 50 year olds haven't seen.

So what IS age ? What is age an indicator of ? ...the answer is ....... *drumroll* .... The number of birthdays one has had #kbye ...

That's all :o) ... Happy weekend everyone


  1. At least i've met some someone who thinks age is what i think it is. *wheew!!*

  2. At least i've met someone who thinks age is what i think it is. *wheew!!*

  3. i dig your 5year theory.older guys are the shiznit :P