Saturday, November 13, 2010

criticise your size

So the other day , I was walking back from the cafeteria of my hostel .. On my way back to my room I passed the kebab stand where I saw 2 friends I always see together .. (For the sake of keeping world war 2 ancient history, let's call 'em A and B) .. A is slim and petite wv curves in the right places while B is. ..let's just say , she reminds me of puff puff soaked in water (based on my "garri theory" ..that's when something is left in water, it swells to like 3ce its normal size)... So I'm guessing u get the picture

Both A and B were purchasing kebab .. I just happened to hear them place their orders .. A ordered 2 sticks of beef while B ordered 2 sticks of beef , 1 stick of gizzard and 2 sausages O _ O ... I stopped mid stride when I heard this .. Almost tripping, falling, snapping my spinal cord and dying .. Ok fine .. I'm exaggerating but u understand.. What puzzled me the most about this scenario is that B is the very same girl that'll complain about her weight and go to the gym ... So y was she consuming food like a black hole .. I personally don't mind people being fat ..I'm no model myself ..but I think if ur to be fat, u need confidence to pull it off and not make people wonder if you do anything besides eat.

And it seems some people and by people, I mean girls .. Don't realise they are fat .. And some that do, want to form "Non-conformity to society's dictations" and wear all sorts of outfits that *gags* ... Shuld not be worn by anyone with a midriff that could serve as a spare tyre of a ford explorer ... I personally know a girl that is almost literally larger than life but this girl has the confidence of a "Miss world". .. And I swear I don't notice this girl is fat till I try to hug her and I realise my arms can't go around her x_x.

I'm not saying being skinny is wonderful either ..I'm an African and from what I gather, our men don't fancy. Girls that have the physiques of boards ( black, white, ironing, drawing, surfing etc).. I was even talking to a model the other day I went for a make-up job and she sed she wishes she had a bum ..

Well, I think the point of this is that no matter what size u r , love urself inside and out and carry urself wv confidence ..I'm not saying u shld b mistaken for a pregnant woman or sumo wrestler either though...
Thank you

Hope u guys like this post :)


  1. Very funny post nike.....some fat people are gonna be out to get u hehehehe

  2. lol..dont be hating on my surfboard body ;P..