Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cycle (trying to get my blo-jo "blog mojo" back)

Hey guys :) .. Sorry I went M.I.A on you... Was busy trying to discover and brush up on my talent ..plus the internet connection where I am is horrible. Plus I think my format for writing the previous posts was too formal and I don't see myself sticking to that so... I hope u like my new way(s) of writing.

I'm confused bout what to write about... Remember the feeling I wrote about ; somedays you wake up and u just can't pick /point at anything tangible and say u have achieved it by yourself ... Well, I've been having that feeling of recent ...then I read the post and I felt abit better..

My second year of university started a few weeks ago and I was glad I could finally say "those freshers" ( as a badt guys B) ) .. Looking at the freshers now, I can already spot the "IT" girls of their year, the girls that want to belong to this group and the things they're doing to get in ... My friend A told me of how B was at the saloon last week and the. "OGA" of all of them kept snapping and bossing them around and how they all willingly answered her every whim .. All I could do was laugh when I heard.. Its like an endless cycle ..its just how the cookie crumbles really. Sadly for the Boss lady, what she doesn't know is, her life in my school is under a magnifying glass, her days are numbered, and her downfall is being plotted every second she wriggles her 16 year old behind and flips her artificial hair out of her face on the corridors of Brunei (my hostel) . If I divulge anymore information on this "Boss lady", I might aswell give up her name... So what's my point from all this

#1 wherever you are, people are watching you
#2 if u feel like hot shit and flaunt yourself around prematurely, u will surely get what is coming for you.. You shall be taught to douggie <-- Metaphor
#3 Be no ones mugu maga or baga (yes baga ) .. Everyone is unique, yes, but people have similar characteristics , morals and views .. Don't bend your ways to fit in with someone else's. Because it more often than not leads to disasters .
#4 DON'T BE AN ARISTO BABE (kuz that's definitely the path the "boss lady" is on)

Leme know if you would prefer me to go back to my former format for blogging .. Comments, contributions and argurments are welcome (but is it really that serious?? ..arguments) .. Thanks guys. Xx

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