Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi guys .. will be blogging about sight today (not literal sight) .. fore sight and hind sight is what i mean ... Basically, never forgetting where you are coming from and where you plan on reaching in life.

Human beings have the tendency to forget where they are coming from and No I don’t mean that literally; They forget their morals and upbringing... the values their parents preached and tried to instil in them while growing up. We should make it a point never to do that because it is our past that gives way to our present ; makes us who we are; teaches us the lessons (through mistakes) that we use to survive now ; is the source of our inspiration and motivation for the future ultimately. Its so funny how we all laugh or disregard when our parents keep saying “Remember the child of whom you are” but its really important.. its all part of never forgetting where u are from... you must remember all the decisions you made and subsequent consequences so they can help u make better ones now and in the future.

A TYPICAL illustration is that of the girl or guy brought up in a well to do home with a loving an supportive family .. parents who strive to provide the best for him/ her and then when they move into the university, they join the “in crowd” and do things they know their parents wont approve of to belong and be cool.... and end up (in the case of the girl ) getting pregnant / failing in school / getting a disease/ raped / even killed (in the case of guys) stealing to keep up appearances/ failing in school/ becoming a drug addict / a cult/gang member. Excuse my language but THAT SHIT IS NOT COOL... its just unfair on the parents and evil of the child and shows un-appreciativeness of Gods gift of life to them. Please don’t end up in this category .. it doesn’t take much to get carried away and the worst thing you can do to yourself is get into a horrible situation and all you can say is “HAD I KNOWN”.. you cant undo what you’ve done so all that one is FIRST CLASS JONZING .

Never lose focus of what you’ve got planned ahead for yourself as well.. we cant measure how far we’ve come in life if we have no goal(s) to attain. Plus it feels good when u wake up each day and know you are on the right track to becoming what you want to be... one step closer to being fulfilled and it makes life more straight forward in general. 

I’m sorry this is late.. I hope you gained something no matter how little.. comments are very welcome ^_^ xx

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