Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The big V

So, I read an article today about virginity and it has spurred me to write an article.

Firstly, I would like to start by saying they don't give out medals for being a virgin, you don't get some kind of discount when you fly .. U can't ask for Virgin fare / virgin discount .. Being a virgin doesn't make you a better person than non-virgins.. Therz no special type of bank account for virgins like all the "kiddies account" .. Therz no special seat allocated to virgins on the bus or on trains ..it doesn't help u jump the queue when u r waiting to use the atm.. The market women won't make pricing any easier .. Infact a good number of guys can't take girls' virginities and therefore will not date virgins until its time for marriage .. A good number if not all guys can't stay in a sex-less relationship for up to 3 years. Infact most of the guys I know don't mind their wives being non-virgins as long as they weren't hoes ...

So think about all these things before you claim to be a virgin just so that guy that's 22 years old (that's not remotely ready for marriage and doesn't sleep with virgins) would date you . Really though, I don't understand why some girls claim to be virigins ..if you are not, you are not .. As long as you are not a hoe, its not something you should lie about so you can "look good" ...remember, you don't get any discounts so just stop it .. All you are doing is reducing the credibility of virgins..

Classic example is one of a first year student in my school who went around acting all righteous .. Tying scarves and wearing "Mary Amaka" skirts and shortly into the first semester of her first year starred in her very own sex-tape with a boy that wasn't even her boyfriend ... I can't help but think that it wouldn't have been that big a deal if she dint go around putting up the facade of being the epitome of virgin Mary ... Because really, you are in the university, no one is going to flog you for doing " bad things"

*hand on chest* I know of a girl whose mother checks if she and her sisters are still virgins everytime they go back home for holidays .. I almost passed out when I found out ... I just sat there like 'are u even joking' ..like WTF!!

What I would not stand for is losing your virginity to a guy just to keep him in your relationship .. Any girl that does this is stupid and ignorant ..if however you lose it to your boyfriend of many years because you are in love and think u've waited long enough, then fine... Just use a condom because u don't know where "junior' has been playing :ol ..

To all the real virgins out there that are saving themselves for marriage, I hope you make it despite all the pressure .. When people ask you and you tell them you are waiting till marriage, don't let them discourage you with their laughter and jeers ... And to all the non-virgins .. Just make sure you don't "ho around".

Thank you .. You can leave ur comments if you have any.


  1. I am a man-virgin and I am proud. Thank you

  2. Heheh Nike this is a very good 1. Btw hu is dat 1st year geh, (just my curiosity)

  3. Yes who is d first year 'geh'? TELL US NOW lol!

  4. LMAO!!! Adm3on u dey bust my head. Nice 1, but there is some missin info, hu is d geh? :)

  5. LOOL! I never got that virginity lie to.

  6. Nike abeg dm me the gist jor, who's d babe? Hehehe nyc 1 sha

  7. hmmmmmmmmm....iya nike