Monday, June 28, 2010

First post

so .. im sure i'll get the hang of this soon enuf.. this blog is supposed to be an avenue for not just for me buh for erri1 that wants to to voice out/ vent the day to day struggles that we as teenagers, growing individuals, students, young entrepreneurs, dreamers etc face and how we've managed to over come them .. But on a light note.

I hope ths makes sense nd u enjoy it. :). xx


  1. err im new at ths so please feel free to criticize .. constructively -_- ... feedback and suggestions are very much welcome also. :)

  2. Good start Nike, can use a lil more research, get out of ur comfort zone..but I like the idea behind it and the realness to it!!

  3. okie ...i'll try .. fenk u
    *hugzz* :)